In its endeavour to deliver excellence in education, ELARAKI International School of Morocco has signed an exclusive partnership with The American Academy International – A high school education provider in Salt Lake City Utah- USA. – to give our Eagles unique opportunities for a brighter future both nationally and internationally.

With a rigorous curriculum aligned to national standards, The American Academy offers more than 100 online classes in core subjects like English, Maths and Science, and in electives such as Psychology, Child Development.

ELARAKI International School of Morocco has chosen a rich and varied programme that combines the academic with the soft skills aspects, which will give you the right requirements to kick start your professional life.

We want the best for our eagles and we believe this programme contributes to a future full of possibilities.


This programme enables students to pursue an online course with The American Academy International under the tutelage of qualified and experienced teachers.

Accredited by AdvancED and with state-licensed teachers, The American Academy has helped thousands of students stay on the road to graduation.

Since 2007, The American Academy International as part of Graduation Alliance, has been offering a fully accredited High School Diploma with Maths, Science, Physics and Economics as core subjects.


Upon completion of the course, students will obtain the American High School Diploma in parallel with the Moroccan Baccalaureate.

Getting this High School Diploma will allow you to apply to American Universities without the need for other exams to prove your English level, like TOEFL or SAT. You have the same chances as high schoolers from the USA. You will also have the chance to apply to various universities in other countries.


For those interested in joining this international programme, please fill out the form below.

9th grade and common core students for regular programme